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5 Reasons Why BS6 Maruti Cars Are Far Better Than BS4 Maruti Cars


BS6 standards have been mandated by the Indian Government for a variety of reasons. Upon our customers’ requests, we at Varun Motors bring to you a closer look at why BS6 Maruti Suzuki cars are the ideal choice to buy.

The primary reason why BS6 cars have been mandated by the government is to reduce the exhaust emissions of automobiles in India. According to a report by the US Environmental Protection Agency, even the best car you can buy emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide which needs more than 1.9 Lakh trees to be absorbed completely. If India keeps going in this direction, we would need to create artificial ecosystems to thrive in the next 30-50 years. This brings us to the need to have a cleaner & more fuel-efficient vehicles.

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  1. BS6 norms will see that the NOx emissions come down by 25% in the case of petrol engines and 68% in the case of diesel engines.
  2. A major upgrade to BS6 cars is the addition of NOx sensor to the exhaust system. To reduce the emissions of NOx, AdBlue Liquid is sprayed on the exhaust pipe of the vehicle.
  3. Another major difference between BS4 & BS6 fuels is the presence of sulphur. The amount of sulphur in the fuel is reduced from 50 PPM to 10 PPM. BS6 fuels are cleaner and better than BS4. There is no impact of using BS6 fuel in a BS4 or BS2 vehicle.
  4. Particulate Matter emission will be reduced by approximately 80% in diesel engines.
  5. Real-time pollution monitoring is now implemented through OBD2 in every vehicle manufactured with BS6 compliance.

Keeping in mind the increasing temperatures and imbalances in nature, we at Varun Motors welcome this shift to BS6 standards and we pledge to do our part in preserving mother nature. After all, the best property we can give to our future generations is a cleaner planet to live in.

Let’s all pledge to buy cars that are less polluting and use them more efficiently. This ensures that your car has a longer life span and gives better mileage. To know which car will suit your need, contact your nearest Varun Maruti Showroom.

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