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Smart Hybrid Is The Present & The Future Of Indian Cars. Here Is Why.


Smart Hybrid is the advanced technology in automobile engineering pioneered by Maruti Suzuki. The technology improves your car’s fuel efficiency and driving performance. The technology is currently implemented in a few of the newly launched fast-selling cars like the S-Cross, Vitara Brezza, Ertiga, XL6, Ciaz, Baleno and XL6. maruti Suzuki

Buying a car with Smart Hybrid technology will surely be a smart move. The following are the top 3 reasons to buy a Maruti Suzuki Car with Smart Hybrid Technology:

  1. Enhanced Performance

    The smart hybrid technology improves the car performance manifold. The torque-assist function in this technology assists in reducing the load on the car’s engine during acceleration. The energy lost during braking and deceleration is captured to increase the engine’s life and performance.

  2. Fuel efficiency at its best

    The Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) is the heart of smart hybrid technology. Along with this technology and with a dual battery offering enhanced capacity helps in improving the performance and fuel efficiency. The energy from braking and deceleration is stored within the batteries to assist motor functions like idle Stop-Start and Torque Assist.

  3. Environment friendly

    The reduction in fuel consumption in the smart hybrid technology helps in reducing emissions thereby helping in keeping the environment clean and green.

The Smart Hybrid Technology is a revolution in the automobile industry and Maruti Suzuki has pioneered in the technological advancement for smarter and cleaner mobility.

Varun Maruti is India’s leading Maruti Dealership spread across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. For more information about the technology and to help you choose the right car for you and your family, Visit your nearest Varun Maruti showroom. Enquire now or Call us at 9100050937

With more fuel efficiency combined with BS6 compliance, your favourite Maruti Suzuki Hybrid car is not only saving fuel but also protecting the environment through lesser emissions.

Now, choose your favourite Smart Hybrid Maruti Suzuki & be a proud car owner.

The fact that Mr. Prabhu Kishore, chairman of Varun Motors, India’s No.1 dealer of Maruti Suzuki, drives a NEXA XL6 is itself a statement of how efficient & better these smart hybrid cars are.

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Maruti Suzuki Smart Hybrid Technology Cars

Car Model Starting Price Mileage
S-Cross 8.39 lakhs 18.43 to 18.55 kmpl
Ciaz 8.20 lakhs 20.04 to 20.65 kmpl
XL6 9.85 lakhs 17.99 to 19.01 kmpl
Baleno 5.64 lakhs 19.56 to 21.96 kmpl
Vitara Brezza 7.34 lakhs 17.03 to 18.76 kmpl
Ertiga 7.59 lakhs 17.99 to 26.20 kmpl
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