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BS4 vs BS6 : Embrace a Greener Future with Maruti Suzuki BS6 Cars


As environmental concerns continue to grow, the Indian government has implemented the Bharat Stage Emission Standards (BSES) to regulate pollution emitted by vehicles. These regulations have led to the transition from BS4 (BSIV) to BS6 (BSVI) engines. In this blog, we will delve into the significant differences between BS4 and BS6 engines, their performance, and why Maruti Suzuki cars are the ideal choice for a greener future.

Understanding BS4 (BSIV) Emission Norms

BS4 emission norms were introduced in 2017, setting stricter standards for vehicle emissions. These norms focused on tailpipe emissions, Electronic Control Unit (ECU), ignition control, and even safety measures such as Automatic Headlamp On (AHO). However, with the need for further reduction in pollution levels, the shift to BS6 norms became imperative.

The Advancements of BS6 (BSVI) Emission Norms

BS6 emission standards, introduced in 2020, represent a significant leap in reducing pollution compared to BS4. Skipping the BS5 (BSV) norms, BS6 emission requirements are more stringent and ensure a cleaner and more fuel-efficient future for our country.

Key Differences Between BS4 and BS6 Engines

  • Reduced Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Emissions: BS6 vehicles reduce NOx emissions by 25% for petrol engines and an impressive 68% for diesel engines.
  • Nitrogen Oxide Sensor: BS6 vehicles are equipped with a Nitrogen Oxide sensor in the exhaust system, which minimizes NOx emissions by using AdBlue Liquid.
  • Cleaner Fuel: BS6 fuels have a significantly lower sulphur content, reducing it from 50 parts per million to just 10 parts per million. This cleaner fuel contributes to better engine performance and efficiency.
  • Drastic Reduction in Particulate Matter (PM) Emissions: Diesel engines in BS6 vehicles witness an 80% reduction in Particulate Matter emissions, ensuring cleaner air for all.
  • Real-Time Pollution Tracking: All Maruti Suzuki cars certified with BS6 now come with On-Board Diagnostic II, allowing real-time pollution tracking.

The Environmental and Health Benefits of BS6

The transition to BS6 vehicles brings several positive effects on both our health and the environment:

  • Reduced respiratory and heart ailments
  • Lower risk of cancer and lung infections
  • Enhanced air quality, minimizing smog and acid rain
  • Global warming mitigation
  • Conservation of fossil fuels

Choose Maruti Suzuki for a Greener Future

Maruti Suzuki has always been at the forefront of innovation and environmental responsibility. Our range of BS6-compliant vehicles offers not only superior performance but also a commitment to sustainability.

Here's why you should choose Maruti Suzuki:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our BS6 engines integrate advanced technologies to achieve higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions.
  • Extensive Model Lineup: With a wide range of cars to choose from, including hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs, Maruti Suzuki has the perfect vehicle to suit your needs and preferences.
  • Proven Reliability: Maruti Suzuki cars are renowned for their durability, low maintenance costs, and exceptional resale value.
  • Superior Safety Features: Our vehicles come equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, ensuring peace of mind on every journey.
  • Environmentally Conscious: By purchasing a Maruti Suzuki BS6 car, you contribute to a cleaner and greener India, making a positive impact on the environment.

Embrace the Future Today!

With global temperatures on the rise and environmental imbalances becoming more apparent, it is crucial to take action now. By choosing a Maruti Suzuki BS6 vehicle, you are actively contributing to a cleaner and greener India.

Our BS6-compliant cars not only offer superior performance but also ensure compliance with the stringent emission norms, reducing your carbon footprint and helping protect the environment for future generations.

Let us come together and create a legacy of sustainability for future generations. Experience the excellence of Maruti Suzuki BS6 cars and take a step towards a greener future. Visit Varun Motors showroom today and explore our extensive range of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Make a conscious choice to drive cleaner and be a part of the change. WhatsApp or Call Us now at 9100050937 to schedule a test drive and join the movement towards a sustainable tomorrow.

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