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5.16-6.31 Lakhs*

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Maruti Super Carry Key Specifications

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Seating Capacity
5 Seater
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Maruti Super Carry Price

The Super Carry provides you with a powerful engine for a stronger stride ahead, packed with 4-cylinders and an all-new 1196cc Petrol and CNG variant



Avg Ex. Showroom Price

Super Carry Super Carry Pertorl Deckless

1198, Petrol, 5 MT, 30 kmpl, 5 4 kw @ 6000 RPM

Super Carry Super Carry Pertrol

1198, Petrol, 5 MT, 30 kmpl, 5 4 kw @ 6000 RPM



Avg Ex. Showroom Price

Super Carry Super Carry CNG

1198, CNG, 5 MT, 23.24 km/kg, 48 kw @ 6000 RPM
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Maruti Suzuki has consistently set benchmarks in the commercial vehicle segment, and  the Maruti Suzuki Super Carry 2024 is no exception. It is indeed India’s most Powerful Mini Truck.* 

With its robust design, spacious cabin, efficient engine, reliable performance, advanced safety features, decent color options, and flexible fuel choices, the Super Carry 2024 stands tall as a true workhorse. 

Let's delve into the key aspects of this exceptional commercial vehicle.


The Maruti Suzuki Super Carry 2024 exhibits a sturdy and functional design that perfectly complements its practical nature. 

The prominent front facade along with broad headlights, gives the vehicle a confident and commanding presence on the road. 

The wide windshield with two wipers and large side windows offer excellent visibility, while the well-proportioned cargo area of 7.2 ft allows for easy loading and unloading of goods. 

The ergonomically designed cabin provides comfort to the driver and ensures a fatigue-free driving experience.

The Super Carry 2024 has 13-inch wheels and decent ground clearance of 175 mm.  


Step inside the Super Carry 2024, and you'll be greeted by a spacious and well-appointed cabin. 

The driver-centric dashboard is designed for convenience and ease of use, with all controls within reach. 

The seats are comfortable, providing adequate support during long drives.

The clever utilization of space ensures ample storage compartments and utility spaces, allowing for efficient organization of documents and belongings.

Engine and Performance

The Maruti Suzuki Super Carry 2024 is powered by a reliable and fuel-efficient 1.2-liter K12N engine. 

This engine delivers a perfect balance of power and mileage, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial applications. 

The engine is designed to offer a smooth and responsive driving experience, ensuring hassle-free maneuverability in city traffic and on highways. 

The Super Carry 2024 boasts an excellent load-carrying capacity of 740 kg for Petrol variant and 625 kg for Petrol + CNG variant, making it an ideal choice for small businesses and transport services.

Safety Features

Maruti Suzuki places paramount importance on safety, and the Super Carry 2024 comes equipped with advanced safety features. 

It includes a strong and rigid body structure, front disc brakes for effective stopping power, driver-side airbags, seat belts with pretensioners, battery lock and reverse parking sensor. 

The Super Carry 2024 features an Engine Immobilizer (Anti-Theft Mechanism) for enhanced vehicle security, ensuring it starts only with your key. Additionally, the LSPV (Load Sensing Proportioning Valve) braking system stabilizes the vehicle by adjusting pressure based on load weight.

These features enhance the safety of both the driver and cargo, providing peace of mind on every journey.


The new Super Carry offers a robust cab chassis in petrol and CNG variants, allowing you to customize it to suit your unique business requirements. Enjoy the freedom to modify the vehicle according to your specific work needs.

Colors and Fuel Options

The Maruti Suzuki Super Carry 2024 is available in a range of attractive color options to suit different preferences. 

From classic shades like Superior White and Silky Silver to vibrant choices like Fire Red and Blazing Yellow, there's a color for every style statement. 

The Super Carry 2024 offers flexibility in terms of fuel options, allowing customers to choose between petrol and CNG variants, catering to their specific operational requirements.

Super Carry sets new standards in the commercial vehicle market and reinforces Maruti Suzuki's reputation for delivering quality, reliability, and value. Get ready to unleash the powerhouse of productivity with the Maruti Suzuki Super Carry in 2024!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Maruti Suzuki Super Carry (FAQs)

1. What is the price of Super Carry 2024? 

The price of the latest Super Carry 2024 starts from 5.15 Lakhs and ranges up to 6.30 Lakhs.  

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
Super Carry Petrol STD 5, 30, 500
Super Carry Petrol Cab Chassis 5, 15, 500
Super Carry CNG STD 6, 30, 500
Super Carry CNG Cab Chassis 6, 15, 500

2. What is the mileage of Super Carry CNG? 

The mileage of Super Carry CNG 2024 is around 25-26 km/kg. 

3. What is new in Super Carry 2024? 

The Super Carry 2024 is equipped with a new and powerful K12N Engine, delivering improved mileage and performance. It also offers increased gradeability, allowing you to conquer steeper inclines. Additionally, the vehicle comes with the added safety feature of an Engine Immobilizer.

4. What is the capacity of Super Carry 2024? 

The Super Carry 2024 has a load-carrying capacity of 740 kg for the Petrol variant and 625 kg for the Petrol + CNG variant.

*Claim validated by JATO Dynamics on 27-Mar-2023