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5 Ways To Ensure The Safety Of Your Car And Yourself From Coronavirus!


Cars are indeed the safest mode of transportation owing to the current pandemic. You have avoided public transport to reduce the chances of contracting the infection, but are you sure that you are still safe with your own car?

While your dream car is giving you the safest space to travel, there are still various ways through which you can contract the virus. A tad bit of extra care can help you to ensure the proper hygiene of your car and your safety.

Here are the 5 tips a car owner can use to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19.

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  1. Sanitize your hands and first touch-points

    Your hands are the primary touch-agents that can carry the virus all over the surface of your car. Just in case you caught the virus on your hands at the super-market or at the office, disinfect your hands before & after entering your car. Sanitize the frequently touched surfaces both outside and inside the car like door handle, steering wheel, turn signals, gears, touch screens etc.

  2. Sanitise the key fob at the beginning and end of your day.

    The key fob is the main touchpoint to start your car and could be handled by multiple people throughout the day. A quick sanitisation of your key fob will help you keep away any possible chances of getting infected.

  3. Avoid Valet Parking

    Pertaining to the current condition, it is advisable to avoid giving your car for valet parking. Insist on self-parking. We never know who could be an asymptomatic carrier. If at all you have to go for valet parking, ensure the valet has mask & gloves on, or provide him with the same at your cost. Maintain few pairs of gloves & masks in the car at all times. Sanitize the touch-points when you take your car back.

  4. Keep a small bin

    Avoid putting parking tickets/challans/receipts just about anywhere in the car. Have a small bin that can hold all the receipts & papers that you might receive during your journey. Always use gloves before accessing these receipts and, if possible, dump them at the earliest.

  5. Choose the right disinfectant

    Choosing the right disinfectant suitable for your vehicle’s interiors is very important. The interiors of your car can get damaged if usual household disinfectants like bleach, acetone etc. are used. Always go for Maruti Suzuki Genuine Accessories and get a product suitable for your car.

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