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Used Car Market In India Seems Promising-A Varun Maruti Insight!


There is always a certain level of excitement and apprehension while buying a car, whether it is new or a used one. Purchase of a new car gives us some confidence whereas the purchase of an old car comes with its own set of doubts.

A recent study shows us that the used car market in India has grown beyond expectations. Digging deep into the numbers, last year according to CRISIL reports, over 4 million preferred to choose pre-owned cars than new ones. So, going for a pre-owned car isn’t a bad idea. Maruti Suzuki, pioneers in the automobile industry brings you their used car segment as Maruti Suzuki True Value. It brings you the most trusted experience of buying a used car endorsed by millions of happy customers across the country.

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Maruti True Value since its introduction in 2001 has grown from strength to strength in the pre-owned car industry. With over 1200 outlets spread across 942 cities, Maruti Suzuki’s True Value is the go-to place for anyone looking to buy or sell a pre-owned car.

The taboo of buying an old car is fading away as the new-age buyers are more inclined towards driving feature-rich used cars for the same price as the new ones.

Varun Maruti, India’s No. 1 Maruti Suzuki Dealer, has gained the trust of its customers in its operating territory. This could be achieved because Varun Maruti is the automobile dealer of choice with its extensive customer support and after-sales service. The large network of Varun Maruti is an added advantage.

While there are numerous channels available that you can turn into for buying or selling a used car, there are very few whom you can trust upon. Local car dealers and brokers offer no reliability in their hustle of making a quick sale. Moreover, there are no streamlined processes of quality checks to determine the condition of the car.

Advantages of Varun Maruti True Value

Varun Maruti True Value, an authorized dealership of Maruti Suzuki, offers its customers a reliable place to buy or sell used cars.

  1. At Varun Maruti True Value, every car goes through a rigorous check starting from the documentation stage, accident history to insurance and performance of the car. All of these examinations are done by trained professionals making it absolutely safe for the buyers.
  2. The large display yards at our True Value outlets are complimented with efficiently designed showrooms offering you a wide range of vehicles to choose from.
  3. Our comforting executives will help you compare and select cars according to your choice and requirements.
  4. Test drive to check the quality and condition, and for your personal satisfaction.
  5. All the paperwork is done by True value

Varun Maruti joined True Value’s commitment in 2003 and has a strong and reliable presence across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. People’s patronage towards Varun Maruti True Value has always seen an increasing trend. With the current pandemic scenario, the used car purchase has seen an upward trend with Varun Maruti True Value division itself has recorded over 1700 transactions in the financial year of 2020-21 in spite of a slumpy market.

The pre-owned cars market is here to stay and we at Varun Maruti aspire to be its driving force. Our goal at Varun Maruti True Value is to instill trust in the brand and provide an unmatched car buying experience.

All of us since our childhood have a deep desire of owning a car and just glide through the roads to our heart’s content. Well, now you are just a phone call away!

Contact Varun Maruti on 9100050937 for more information.

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