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5 Reasons That Show Why Indians Are Buying Petrol Cars Instead Of Diesel Cars



Petrol cars are the new trend in AP & Telangana. In the last quarter Q2, at Varun Motors, we sold 8530 of petrol cars compared to 4248 CNG & petrol cars in 2019-20 & Zero diesel cars compared to 3496 diesel cars in 2019-20. This tectonic shift to petrol cars has been triggered by a combination of reasons. Let’s explore why customers prefer petrol cars over diesel cars. maruti Suzuki


  1. Near equal diesel and petrol prices.

    Gone are those days when diesel and petrol used to have a huge price gap. Now, petrol & diesel hardly have a 6-8 rupees difference. But this is not enough. We can still save 6 rupees on a litre, one might argue, not if you see the next 2 reasons.

  2. Diesel cars are much costlier than petrol cars, in some models by Rs. 1 lakh - 2.5 lakhs.

    The petrol variant of Vitara Brezza VXI starts at INR 8.34 lakhs while the diesel variant is at INR 9.54 lakhs, which is good over a lakh difference. If this is not enough savings, let us check out the maintenance cost of a diesel car vs. a petrol variant.

  3. Cost of Maintenance per km is less for petrol cars.

    Servicing of a diesel car is about 50% more than that of a petrol car. A single service of a diesel Ertiga might cost INR 7,251 and more depending upon the kilometres and duration on an average. This is approximately INR 2500 more than the maintenance cost of a petrol Ertiga.

  4. Diesel cars give better mileage than Petrol cars, no doubt about that. However, diesel cars are preferred over petrol car only if the car is going to be used for long distances for fuel efficiency because the price of petrol is higher than diesel in most states across the country.
  5. Petrol cars are far more eco-friendly than diesel cars.

Diesel cars emit 40% more NOx gases than petrol cars. These are highly toxic in nature compared to CO2. If you are looking to give a clean environment to your children,

Buy a Maruti Suzuki petrol car & support Varun Motors in this initiative for a greener & healthier planet.

Environmental & financial consciousness is increasing in Indian car owners & we, at Varun Motors, bring 100% transparency to help you make the right choice. Contact our advisors for a quality & price comparison of your favourite cars. Call at 9100050937 to book an enquiry & test-drive.


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